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Considering automotive interior repair and restoration? Premier Leather Restoration of Austin and Central Texas has got your covered.

Restore Value and Enjoyment in Your Vehicles

Auto dealers and conscientious car owners know that wear and tear of upholstery can lower the value and enjoyment of automobiles, trucks and other vehicles. Premier Leather Restoration technicians can restore most interior surfaces back to virtually as-new condition. Or, want a completely changed look? Premier Leather Restoration’s re-dying and color restoration services ensure a professional result.

SUV leather interior

Repair Interiors on Cars, Trucks, Other Vehicles

Premier Leather Restoration’s special fabric restoration process strips the stains, giving better results than a standard dry cleaner. Our trained restoration technicians specialize in the repair and restoration of vehicle interiors like car seat leather, plastic headlight lenses, interior and exterior detailing, trim pieces, covers, liners, tops and more. For cars, trucks and recreational vehicles, we can restore, repair, rejuvenate, and re-color:

  • Pet-damaged seats
  • Cigarette burns
  • Spills and stains
  • Ripped and worn cushions
  • Seats, door panels
  • Dashes, consoles
  • Vinyl roofs, sun decks
  • Convertible tops
  • Carpet

Auto Interior Repair and Restoration Versus Replacement

Before and after car seat repair

This is the driver seat on a Ford Expedition. Note the cracks, scuffs and holes in the leather along the bottom bolster. If you had to replace this, it could cost more than $1,500. Premier Leather Restoration products and processes were used to completely repair and restore the original finish. You can’t even tell it was damaged!
Time: 1.75 hours
Cost: $175

More Fantastic Auto Interior Repair/Restoration Results

Repair of Car Seat from Chemical Damage - Premier Leather Restoration Before and After Client Results

Auto Interior Repair: Before and After Results of Chemical Spill Repair to Car Seating